2019 Critical Reflection Journal Screenshot
2019 Critical Reflection Journal Screenshot
2019 Critical Reflection Journal Screenshot
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2019 Critical Reflection Journal

Seller: The Educators Domain

This journal is for individual educators to use in their rooms to jot down their Critical Reflections.


Product description

Normally $39.95 grab this now for $29.95

-Specific questions to help educators reflect on that learning and happenings during the week
-Encourages educators to think about resources, spaces and theorists over the week
-Strengths and challenges
-Group and individual learning
-Relationships with children and families
-Includes a section for important celebrations and happenings over the week
-Easy to use and understand to help all educators on the self reflection journey.
-2 different versions included- ready to print and editable on your device
-Instant download-Please contact us for discounts if ordering more than one.

Critical reflection helps educators to build on their knowledge and skills, identifying practice that can be continued as well as what might need to be improved or changed. It also helps educators to identify ways to improve opportunities for children’s participation, learning and development. (ACECQA 2018)

This reflection journal can be shared with education leaders and at team meetings to further extend upon the centre's reflective discussions.

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