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Congratulations to Aurora Early Education

4th Dec 2018
Kheang Ly

We just want to congratulate one of our centres "Aurora Early Education" in Rowville VIC on achieving EXCEEDING" in their recent A&R.

We are glad that OWNA was able to play a small part in helping Aurora Early Education achieved this great result.

Aurora Early Education's CEO Sheela Edwards mentioned the following about the App - "The Aurora App has been instrumental in making our service more efficient with communication and engaging with families. Particular features like hand over notes, medical administration, person in charge, signing off check lists and other compliance functions makes Service Governance much easier and improves systems to better administer and manage the service. Working with OWNA has been easy, particularly the response times and communication to our service needs. We find that extremely useful and we like working with Kheang and his team"

Thanks for trusting OWNA guys!

About Aurora Early Education

At Aurora, we see you, your child, our educators and our larger community as connected threads that, when woven together mindfully, create the fabric of learning. We deliver the highest quality care and early education for your child, combining best practice professional teachers with stimulating learning programmes and a commitment to community.

We want to foster genuine, meaningful connections between these threads that encourage our children to develop their full potential.

We believe learning is most effective when delivered in a caring, nurturing space that supports children to explore their world through play and use their imagination to learn.

We believe a loving atmosphere and learning through play helps children establish their own strong identity and make healthier connections with the world around them. Through shared experiences, they gain a sense of belonging and begin to develop empathy for all living beings and non-living things.

To that end, we integrate mindfulness into everything we do at Aurora. We encourage your child to be peaceful, connected and loving so they can help guide the next generation to greatness.

- https://www.auroraearlyeducation.com.au/
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