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Beyond Blue - Be You Initiative

1st Nov 2018
Lucinda Russo

Did you know that 560,000 children aged 4-17 presented with a mental health issue in the past year alone? That’s over half a million Aussie children needing help. In response to this Beyond Blue, in collaboration with Early Childhood Education Australia and headspace, have today launched their Be You initiative. A program designed for children from the early years right through to 18 years of age, it will provide educators with evidence-based tools to support the mental health of our children. Australia’s education minister, Dan Tehan said Be You was a “wonderful framework to build a mentally healthy future generation”. The program has been designed for teachers, however there is a big focus on a whole-community approach with the aim of raising Australia’s most mentally healthy generation. The collaboration with Early Childhood Australia and headspace, an organisation targeting mental health support for teenagers and young adults, will ensure programs can be delivered in meaningful and productive ways to children and teenagers. At the official launch today, Beyond Blue Director Joanna Briggs stated, “We want a generation that doesn’t think twice about taking care of their mental health and seeking help when they need it.” Of that 560,000 children we mentioned before, over 40% of their parents claimed their mental health issues did not present until their child was in school. Beyond Blue aims for schools to work in partnership with families and their wider community to build a healthier, more inclusive and resilient Australian society.

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