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How OWNA Made $250,000 for our Centres

28th Nov 2018
Kheang Ly

Since the launch of our Casual Bookings feature into our App (in mid March 2018) we have worked out to date we have generated over $250,000 in extra revenues for our Centres. WOW!

How does it work?

In the App we allow parents to request Casual Days (days they want to book their child(ren) in which they aren’t enrolled for). The Centre gets alerted when parents request these day(s). They also have a Casual Bookings Request List so they can see all the days that Parents are wanting.

The App can streamline the whole vacancy and bookings process too.

If a spot opens up via a Parent marking their child as not attending via the App the system can automatically open up that spot and alert parents right way via a notification. OR you can manually allocate that spot that has opened up. The Parent can then booked that spot and everything is automoated - their child is added to the attendance list for the day, allergies list, nappy change list, bottles etc etc. No need for you to lift a finger.

On a given day there are always a handful of children not attending. We also have a Centre’s attendance history and stats that we can help forecast when there might be spots available in advance.

If your App provider is not helping you with all this - then perhaps it’s time to change over to OWNA. Did we mention our App is FREE?

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