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13th Dec 2018
Lucinda Russo

Nothing gets an educator more inspired and ready to hit the ground running than hearing the accomplishments, trials and investigations of other educators. There is a certain feeling when you're sitting in a room full of equally passionate and eager early childhood professionals. It can feel electric! We wish we could bring you all together in person, but figured the next best thing was an online educator forum for everyone using the OWNA app. Meet educators from across the country (and across the pond in New Zealand and Asian Pacific!) to share ideas, brainstorm and find people who have walked a mile in your shoes. To our friends in the States – you get one too! Kids Matter states effective collaboration to consist of a common goal, shared understanding and responsibility, trust, effective communication and time to develop ideas.

This space will give you means of communication and time to think creatively and develop ideas as they may. We know you will bring the rest. Your programs, your knowledge and your practice in all areas is immensely valuable and deserves to be shared. We hope this will be a space to find support and inspiration for the common goals and challenges we all face in our day-to-day professional lives.

Just for now, the forum will only be accessible via the portal. Not to worry, it will be accessible via the app early 2019 – we just couldn’t wait to share it with you! Please note the forum will be continually monitored for user safety.

See you there!

The OWNA team

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