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21st Jan 2019
Kheang Ly

The OWNA Childcare App Platform just keeps getting better and better!!!

Recently we'd launched our Educational Resources Store where we have handpicked and curated content creators & publishers to be able to showcase their products on the OWNA platform for our perspective Centres to purchase or download for FREE (we are big on Free if you don’t already know).

Content creators upload their contents such as ebooks, handbooks, coaching services, how to manuals, colouring sheets, daily planners, calendars and more on the platform allowing our Centres as well as the general public to view and purchase them. This is a great resource tool for our centres as the products they purchase can be used in the Centre to better help with their day to day activities (it complements what they are already doing).

Since launching this great feature/initiative our Centres have been raving on about the wonderful variety of resources on offer, how informative and helpful they are as well as value for money they are getting.

Our content providers are stoked in terms of how many users it opens up their products too. Previously they would have to market and promote it themselves - whereas now OWNA does all the legwork for them. They just have to focus on creating great content.

For our Centres & Users
If you are yet to see the Educational Resource Store just head over to your Administration Portal and browse it under the Staff menu section. There are plenty of Free resources to get you started as well as Premium offerings up for sale as well. You won’t be disappointed.

Calling all Content Providers
If you are a content provider who makes educational resources for the early years industry then you now have a platform to sell your content too. Even if you are not a specialise content seller but you make certain things like templates and other resources that you think other educators at other centres might find helpful but don’t want to give your hard work away for nothing then you too can offer your products & services on the platform.

Just head over to our website or email us at support@owna.com.au and enquire about being a Seller today. We do all the legwork to get your content in front of users, provide the infrastructure and payment platform necessary to accept payments. All you have to do is sit back and watch the orders come in.

Here is an example of the Educational Resources Store