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National Children's Week 2018

24th Oct 2018
Lucinda Russo

This week OWNA Childcare App is putting business to the side to recognise Australia’s National Children’s Week! This week always falls around International Children’s Day, which occurs on the 4th Wednesday of October. It’s a week designed to celebrate children and to pay our respect to the wonder and awe childhood brings. It’s a time to remind our children that we consider them to be competent and capable young citizens and value their thoughts and opinions.

As an educator, I remember being part of a project exploring United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child with our preschool room. It was amazing to witness the sense of ownership and responsibility that washed over the children. Like adults, children want to feel valued and validated. In this preschool room, children began to understand they were respected by the adults around them and their voices were being heard. These kids began to step up in their learning and offer their input for programming and room set up each day, it was an incredible time to see! We had feedback from parents that their children were approaching life with a whole new attitude, one of confidence and respect. There was a newfound desire to try new things and take safe, calculated risks.

This is what National Children’s Week is all about. In reality, it’s an attitude we should be adopting every. Single. Day. Letting children know we see them and we hear them. We know they can do this or that. We believe their thoughts and opinions deserve to be heard and understood. We can share the joy of childhood in all its glory.

You can explore the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child here.

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National Children's Week 2018