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New App Features - November 2018

17th Nov 2018
Lucinda Russo

The OWNA Childcare App is evolving! With the launch of our new FREEMIUM App version, we’ve had a busy time. Just as we like it!

We pride ourselves on being responsive to user feedback, reflecting on policy requirements and keeping our features up-to-date with educator and family needs. On OWNA Childcare App, you can now view a monthly summary for each individual child enrolled at your service. Just select a child and you’ll see an overview of their attendance, observations, developmental milestones and any medical information required – plus more. We hope this feature will make writing children’s summaries that much easier.

We've added a bunch of new housekeeping and compliance features too.

  • You can now pre-fill nappy change times, rather than using the time pop-up.
  • Knowing visitors to your centre is vital for safety and security. Visitors can now enter their Working with Children Check number when they sign in.
  • Monitoring children’s immunisation records is important for everyone. Keep them safe, secure and accessible for educators with our new immunisation record upload. Parents can upload records directly to the app, where it will automatically tick-off which diseases/illnesses the child is vaccinated for in the Child’s Immunisation Matrix.
  • You can now note which educators are not included in your centre ratio – making it easier to shift staff around if needed.
  • Before the update, educators had to login to the Portal to evaluate and reflect on their programming – this can now be done right from the app.
  • Make the most of casual bookings with our new extended view feature. Before, you could only see the current year’s availabilities. Now, you can see all casual bookings even if the dates fall in the following year.

And much more on the way...

You will need to update your app to see and use these features. Contact us for assistance.

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