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10th Oct 2018
Kheang Ly

We have started our Blog. Yay! It has always been a goal of OWNA to try and keep Centres, Parents, Educators and whoever is keen on Early Childhood Education abreast of what is happening on all fronts, be it Technology, Regulations and Compliance, Industry Changes and so forth. So hopefully by following our Blog you can be more aware of what is happening in the industry.

Today I want to talk about the government's roll out of CCS back in July 2018. It was a debacle to say the least. I will be harsh here and say that a lot of software providers were simply not up to scratch and have been found out with the introduction of CCS. A lot of Centres that we have spoken to mentioned how poorly they have been treated by their CCMS/CCS software providers. We hear horror stories of software providers not returning calls, hanging up on calls, not providing responses, having no workable solutions and much much more. Many Centres are fed up and are ready to jump ship - that's good for us :)

Because of the debacle with CCS the department fielded many complaints from Centres all across Australia complaining about their software provider. We were not in this boat as we did not provide CCMS/CCMS software at that stage. But we were in the process of building CCMS/CCS so that our Centres would have an App that did everything for them (from compliance, to portfolios to interfacing with the government department). But unfortunately the government had to put a break on new entrances in this space because they needed to support and hand hold the incompetent software companies out there.

But things are looking up, they're about to start supporting new entrances and hopefully we will have our CCMS/CCS platform up and running very soon to help our Centres have a streamlined system that does everything as well as any new Centres that we on-board. If you have used our App you would have witness how feature rich and simple it is to use. Just wait for our CCMS/CCS platform! We can't wait to bring it to market.

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