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You Are What You Eat

26th Mar 2019
Gabby Leen

As educators, we know that your children need suitable fuel to keep them running around, exploring their environments and learning at what seems like an impossible rate. Whilst at childcare it’s vital that you know they are in good hands and they are provided with everything they need to grow up strong and healthy and keep up with their busy days.

Centres that provide food have a responsibility to ensure they are encouraging healthy decisions and providing nutritious meals and snacks. Children’s specific food requirements should be met and policies should be in place to promote wellbeing, including accommodations for allergies and cultural food preferences.

With OWNA, this has never been easier. Always have your phone in your pocket? This means you have constant access to your child’s menu for the day as well as live information about what, when and how much your child is eating. In addition to this, educators simply have to tap on a screen to view your child’s specific food requirements meaning this information is always visible and accessible.

Early childhood eating patterns help your child to get everything they need now as well as setting the foundations for healthy development and well-informed eating habits in later life. Now you are able to get all the information you need about your child’s day to support them as they feed not only their bodies, but also their minds.

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