Freemium Tier - Terms and Conditions

Last updated: November 2017

At Owna we believe in making technology affordable for all Centres so we have come up with a Free Tier platform that allows all centres to make use of our wonderful App that we have built for Centres across Australia to streamline how they do things.

Please note that the Free Tier will always be Free and available but limitations and feature sets can change at any time without prior notice. When you sign up to the Freemium Plan you accept this term.

Features of the Freemium App

  • A generic "Owna Childcare App" that Parents, Staff and Directors/Owners will download and use.
  • Ability to track/record Food Intake, Sleep/Rest, Bottles, Sunscreen Application and more.
  • Ability to track/record Nappy Changes and Cot Sleep Check.
  • Centre generated Checklists.
  • Staff Checkin/Checkout and Responsible Person.
  • Curriculum Programming.
  • Attendances and Visitor Sign In/Out.
  • Ability to post Images, Videos and Text.
  • Realtime notification alerts for Parents & Staff.
  • Ability to write Observations, Learning Stories and Follow Ups.
  • Ability to link back to the Early Year Learning Framework (ELYF) and Nation Quality Standards (NQS).
  • Access to Administration Portal to manage the App and day to day usage.
  • Event Calendars & Newsletters.
  • ... and more!!!

Limitations of the Freemium App

  • No Custom App. No Logo. No Branding. No Colour Schemes. It's a generic Owna Childcare App that will be used by all centres (like a StoryPark, Educa etc).
  • No Onsite Training & Support. Everything will be done online or via online videos.
  • No customisations. The App is used by the Centres as it is.
  • Ads may appear on the Timeline and throughout the App.
  • Limited to 20 posts maximum per day.
  • No Draft mode when putting up a Post.
  • Push Notifications cannot be sent from the App (only portal).
  • No promotion of your Centre on our Social Media pages or promotional materials that we generate from time to time.

If your Centre is currently using Freemium and would like to explore the benefits of our Standard and Premium packages. Contact us and let us know and we can help assist you with your enquiries.

Send us an email at if you have any questions.

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