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Freemium - Free Childcare App For Your Centre

Kheang Ly 5th Nov 2018

We have made the decision to offer the OWNA App for free. You are probably thinking - “Are they crazy?” and “Why would they do that?” While we still have our Premium App offering which have a raft of extra options and features, the Freemium App has many features that most Centres need on a daily basis.


Beyond Blue - Be You Initiative

Lucinda Russo 1st Nov 2018

Did you know that 560,000 children aged 4-17 presented with a mental health issue in the past year alone? That’s over half a million Aussie children needing help. In response to this Beyond Blue, in collaboration with Early Childhood Education Australia and headspace, have today launched their Be You initiative.


National Children's Week 2018

Lucinda Russo 24th Oct 2018

This week OWNA Childcare App is putting business to the side to recognise Australia’s National Children’s Week! This week always falls around International Children’s Day, which occurs on the 4th Wednesday of October. It’s a week designed to celebrate children and to pay our respect to the wonder and awe childhood brings...


The Fundamental Issue

Lucinda Russo 16th Oct 2018

If you’re an Early Childhood Education professional in Australia lately, your ears might be burning. It’s an industry frequently making the headlines, but not for the reasons we’d like it to be. The endless research demonstrating the benefits of Early Childhood Education across the lifespan is rarely making it to the news desk. But what does, you ask?


Welcome to our Blog

Kheang Ly 10th Oct 2018

We have started our Blog. Yay! It has always been a goal of OWNA to try and keep Centres, Parents, Educators and whoever are keen on Early Childhood Education abreast of what is happening on all fronts, be it Technology, Regulations and Compliance, Industry Changes and so forth. So hopefully by following our Blog we can keep everyone aware of what is happening in the industry.