You've used StoryPark, Kinderloop, Educa or perhaps some of the other Apps out there.
Sure it's OK, but it doesn't do everything right?

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In the childcare industry, everyone is looking to find ways to make their centre more efficient and, ultimately, more effective at what it does. Unfortunately, this is no easy task: after all, almost everyone who works in the industry is flooded with an immense number of important tasks to perform absolutely every day.

But regardless of whether you’re running a large centre or a home care business, you can be sure that the very best child care apps available on the Australian market will never let you down as you seek to become more efficient and more effective.

Across the country, more and more centres are starting to embrace top-quality child care apps as some of the most powerful and significant tools available to professionals in the industry.

The apps have a number of key functions: firstly, they serve as a convenient place for staff to record and store important information about a wide range of things which are relevant to the centre. From incident reports and medical records to the times at which different children had their nappies changed, were put to bed or were given food.

They also make managerial and administrative jobs much easier and more streamlined. Managers will have at their fingertips absolutely all of the information they need to gain deep insights into staff attendance, engagement, performance and compliance, while admin officers will be able to more quickly, easily and conveniently communicate with parents than ever before. 

Parents themselves will also be glad to receive access to the software, which will allow them to view important information about their child’s day whenever they wish to and regardless of where they are.

The Best Child Care Apps Available

Lots of day-care centres choose to invest in the generic, standardised software available from many providers and achieve some success, but the very best child care software can only be accessed by those centres who choose to invest in a bespoke app development service.

Here at OWNA, we work closely with our customers to gain an understanding of the particular challenges they face, and of their specific processes and procedures. Then, we create unique apps which are tailored to their particular centres, and which are guaranteed to be as easy-to-use, as convenient and as relevant to their needs as possible.

Enquire Today and Get Your New App in Less Than 3 Days

Don’t fall into the trap of presuming that you should settle for a standardised app because you’ll be able to access it so much more swiftly than a bespoke one which hasn’t even been created yet. In fact, once you send us an enquiry, we’ll get back to you that very same day and offer you a free demo, which can be conducted online or in person at your premises. 

After the demo, if you’re happy to proceed, we’ll get straight to work with developing your new piece of software, which will be completed and sent to you for installation within 72 hours of your initial enquiry. 

Fill out the form on our website and you could have your new app up and running just a couple of days from now!

Our Childcare App does it all and will make a major difference to your centre. From management, childcare assistance & programs to application assistance and other resources. Get in touch with us today.

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All Your Wasted Time Can Be Recovered An App That Does Everything. No More Having Loads Of Apps

For Centres

Easily Manage Your Centre
- Attendances (Time & Signature).
- Improve Occupancy & Revenue.
- Room Ratios/Rostering/Staff Log.
- Improve business operations.
- and loads more+++

For Staff

Improve Staff Efficiency
- Easily Track Children Stats
- Easily Plan Curriculum Program.
- Improve Staff Morale.
- Effective communication tool.
- and loads more+++

For Families

Effective Parent Communication
- Realtime access to children's data.
- View Images/Videos and more.
- Great Feedback tool.
- Stay up to date with Event Calendar.
- and loads more+++


Adhere to all Requirements
- Record kept for 7 or 25 years.
- All data accurate and logged.
- Data backed up and stored securely.
- Improve business operations.
- and loads more+++

Unique features
of the App & Administration Portal

With so many features we can't list them all, but here are a few standout ones.


- Your Custom App. Your Logo, Your Colours & Your Brand.

- Digital Attendances (including time in/out & digital signatures)

- Staff/Room Check in/out

- Menus & Tracking Food Intake

- Record Sleep/Rest & Sleep Checks

- Record Nappy Changes/Toilet Training

- Evacuation Checklists

- Visitors Log (Sign in/out)



- Unlimited Push Notifications.

- Event Calendars

- Curriculum Programming

- Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

- Observations/Follow Ups

- Link to EYLF, NQS, Theorists, P&P & more

- Automatic birthday messages & vaccination reminders

- Incident & Medication Reports and heaps more....

The only platform in the world that considers your brand

Your Centre's own native Apps and Website

Your Centre's App

Built for both iOS & Android

Google Play/Apple App Store

- Custom apps for your centre, your brand, your identity...
- Safe and secure (SSL). PCI compliant. Data mirrored and backed-up daily
- Different mode for Staff and Parents/Guardians
- Familiar user interface similar with apps that people are already accustomed too
- Easy and fun to use ensuring seamless learning curve
- Packed with heaps of feature which are constantly upgraded

How do I get one?

OWNA - Simplifying Childcare Management

App Pricing

Let us create your app for you. Below are the packages that are available.

  • Access to the Owna Childcare App for FREE with the following features.
  • FREE
  • Daily Information reporting (i.e. meals, sleep/rest, fluids tracking) (7 years tracking)
  • Nappy Change & Sleep Check Records (7 years tracking)
  • Ability to post to Images/Videos to Timeline
  • Curriculum Programming and linking to EYLF & NQS
  • Backend Dashboard for Administration
  • Terms and Conditions Apply
  • Signup
  • Standard gives you all of the features of Freemium plus a bunch more stuff
  • $1.99 per child / month
  • Unlimited Posts, Observations & Messages to Timeline
  • Ability to customised the App to suit your centre. We know all centres are not the same
  • 2 Week Trial supported by the Owna tech team to get you on your way
  • On-site support (training/technical)
  • Ongoing support and upgrades
  • Our Most Popular Package
  • Signup
  • Premium
  • You get everything in this package and then some.
  • $2.99 per child / month
  • Further customisation to Centre's app
  • Your feature request will be escalated so that it is built before everyone elses
  • Integration service
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support and training for Parents should your centre request it
  • Signup

If you are unsure of which package would suit your centre, feel free to contact us and our friendly staff would be more than happy to run you through each package and what would work for your centre.

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