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Absolutely everyone who has anything to with the childcare industry knows just how important the role of documentation is. Regardless of whether it’s procedures for emergencies, rules and codes of conduct, or staff timesheets, there’s no piece of documentation which isn’t absolutely vital to the smooth and successful running of a busy day care centre.

But documentation in child care doesn’t end there: in fact, staff in the childcare industry have to deal with pages and pages of documentation on daily basis which employees in other industries seldom (or never) have to think about.

Regular communication with parents, thorough background checks on all employees and potential employees, vaccination and medical reports, and incident reports are just some of the documents that are a part of everyday life in the industry. This is not to mention the extensive documentation regarding when each individual child has been fed, put to bed or had their nappy changed.

And of course, because there are so many strict regulations of the industry at both state and federal levels, it’s extremely important (and legally required) to keep a seven-year record of all important data.

Thankfully, in the modern world, all of this documentation can be stored electronically. And whilst the existence of software for managing compliance and storing data certainly makes life much easier in the childcare industry, management staff are still left with the decision of which particular piece of software to choose for their team.

The Best Software Available on the Market

If you’re currently in the process of trying to find the very best child care documentation and compliance management software available on the Australian market, you’re bound to have already discovered for yourself just how difficult it can be to tell one software provider from the next.

But fortunately for you, you’ve come to the right place: here at OWNA, we take pride in the fact that our approach is distinct and unique, and the success of our techniques is evidenced by the many great reviews we’ve been left by our previous customers.

Unlike our competitors, we believe that each and every childcare centre should be treated individually, as we understand that no two centres are the same. We’ll work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of the particular challenges faced by your team, before developing a bespoke app which is tailored to your specific preferences and requirements.

Contact OWNA for Your Bespoke App

When you contact us, you can expect a turnaround time of 48-72 hours. For clarification, that doesn’t mean simply that we’ll get back to you within that timeframe: on the contrary, we’ll get back to you and arrange a free demo that very same day.

Then, if you wish to proceed, we’ll spend the following day building your unique app, ensuring that it’ll be ready for installation on your devices within 72 hours of your first message. Simply get in touch with us using the online form available on our website and we’ll get the ball rolling right now!

Our Childcare App does it all and will make a major difference to your centre. From management, childcare assistance & programs to application assistance and other resources. Get in touch with us today.

- Less

All Your Wasted Time Can Be Recovered An App That Does Everything. No More Having Loads Of Apps

For Centres

Easily Manage Your Centre
- Attendances (Time & Signature).
- Improve Occupancy & Revenue.
- Room Ratios/Rostering/Staff Log.
- Improve business operations.
- and loads more+++

For Staff

Improve Staff Efficiency
- Easily Track Children Stats
- Easily Plan Curriculum Program.
- Improve Staff Morale.
- Effective communication tool.
- and loads more+++

For Families

Effective Parent Communication
- Realtime access to children's data.
- View Images/Videos and more.
- Great Feedback tool.
- Stay up to date with Event Calendar.
- and loads more+++


Adhere to all Requirements
- Record kept for 7 or 25 years.
- All data accurate and logged.
- Data backed up and stored securely.
- Improve business operations.
- and loads more+++

Unique features
of the App & Administration Portal

With so many features we can't list them all, but here are a few standout ones.


- Your Custom App. Your Logo, Your Colours & Your Brand.

- Digital Attendances (including time in/out & digital signatures)

- Staff/Room Check in/out

- Menus & Tracking Food Intake

- Record Sleep/Rest & Sleep Checks

- Record Nappy Changes/Toilet Training

- Evacuation Checklists

- Visitors Log (Sign in/out)



- Unlimited Push Notifications.

- Event Calendars

- Curriculum Programming

- Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

- Observations/Follow Ups

- Link to EYLF, NQS, Theorists, P&P & more

- Automatic birthday messages & vaccination reminders

- Incident & Medication Reports and heaps more....

The only platform in the world that considers your brand

Your Centre's own native Apps and Website

Your Centre's App

Built for both iOS & Android

Google Play/Apple App Store

- Custom apps for your centre, your brand, your identity...
- Safe and secure (SSL). PCI compliant. Data mirrored and backed-up daily
- Different mode for Staff and Parents/Guardians
- Familiar user interface similar with apps that people are already accustomed too
- Easy and fun to use ensuring seamless learning curve
- Packed with heaps of feature which are constantly upgraded

How do I get one?

OWNA - Simplifying Childcare Management

App Pricing

Let us create your App for you. Below are the packages that are available.

  • Access to the OWNA Childcare App for FREE with the following features below. Pay for only extra features you want to use.
  • FREE (Forever)
  • Daily Routine reporting (i.e. meals, sleep/rest, fluids, nappies) ++
  • Checklists, Staff Checkin/Out, Room Ratio, Responsible Person, QIP ++
  • Ability to post to Images/Videos, Observations, Follow Ups ++
  • Parent Signin (Time & Attendances), Visitor Logs, Event Calendar, Curriculum Programming ++
  • Backend Dashboard for Administration & Reporting
  • More features than our competitors' App (which they charge for)
  • Plus heaps more features. Why would you use another App when you can have this all for FREE.
  • Get FREE App Now

Terms and Conditions

  • PREMIUM gives you all of the features of FREEMIUM plus a bunch more other cool stuff.
  • $1.49 per child / month (from Jan 2023)
  • Staff Communication Diary, Rostering, Casual Bookings, RSVP on Events, Sleep Check Alerts, Overdue Checklists Alert, Handover Form, Incident Reports, Medication Reports, Immunisation Records, Staff Documents ++
  • Unlimited Posts, Observations & Messages to Timeline
  • Support & Training (training/technical)
  • Access to CCS Application (Early 2020)
  • Access to Weekly Webinars, new features, upgrades and enhancements ++
  • Set up of data - children, parents, staff, menus, events ++
  • Our Most Popular Package
  • Enquire Now
  • PREMIUM Plus+
  • You get EVERYTHING in this package. The Rolls Royce of Childcare Apps!
  • $2.49 per child / month
  • Your OWN App - your logo, branding, colour scheme
  • Minor customisations to your App (within the scope of the project)
  • Access to new features before Centres on lower tiers
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support and training on hand
  • APIs (On Request)
  • Integration to Xero, MYOB etc
  • Enquire Now

If you are unsure of which package would suit your centre, feel free to contact us and our friendly staff would be more than happy to run you through each package and what would work for your centre.

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