Mock Assessment Checklist and Practice Set
Mock Assessment Checklist and Practice Set Screenshot
Mock Assessment Checklist and Practice Set Screenshot
Mock Assessment Checklist and Practice Set Screenshot
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Work through all 7 areas with your team

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Product description

Early Childhood Services Mock Assessment

Our Mock Assessment set will help you practise for your Assessment and Rating visit and prepare your team with practice questions to ask educators and be prepared for as management.

Use the 7 quality area checklist to work through your whole service observing practice, checking required documentation in rooms as well as working through the required documents needed.

This assessment tool will assist all educators to understand what might be expected during your Assessment and Rating visit, therefore, preparing your team for best results.

Best practice is to have your service understanding and meeting all of the National Quality Standards at all times not just when you are coming up for Assessment and Rating.

Authorised officers are trained to follow an ‘observe-discuss-sight’ method at the visit to gather evidence to support a rating against the NQS, including compliance with the National Law and National Regulations. Our tool will assist you in building your educator's knowledge of what each element of the NQS means. Our tool is one of many tools that can be used to help you work towards the best outcomes for children by exceeding the NQS


A checklist for every element (observing Educators Practice and Children throughout the day)
A checklist of documents that may be sighted-(online/walls/journals/programs/reflections)
Practice questions for educators, management and staff

Element 7.2.1-Continuous improvement-There is an effective self-assessment and quality improvement process in place.
Can be used for all rooms within the service including admin
Covers all 7 Quality areas and a breakdown of every element
print as many copies as you need for each room and reuse each year as a centre reflection tool
Use at staff meetings
Use as evidence of your reflection
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