Keep families up to date and encourage collaboration

Post, Like & Comment

Connect with families through posts, tagging
specific children or making announcements to all families

Private Messaging

Communicate directly with individual families

Daily Information

Allow families to see their child's daily routines,
including meals, sleep, nappies etc.
Family engagement
Staff communication
Work more efficiently with increased connection

Staff Messageboard

Allow private communication between the team

Collaboration Boards

Make working together easier

Communication Diary

Keep everyone up to date on tours, birthdays
and events
Share important information in real time

Educator App

Allow educators to get notified of their duties, such as checklists assigned to them, as well as posts & comments

Parent App

Receive notifications about posts, and important notices like incident reports, forms etc.

Admin Portal

Get notified when something's not right, like when you're out of ratio or a checklist is overdue
98% of educators report an increase in
family engagement with OWNA

Our families absolutely love the app and are always giving us great feedback. Our educators are our greatest resource, and the app has improved their efficiency and has really supported their own professional development.

Chantelle Stepping Stones ELC

The App is so good. The staff, parents and families all love it. We have never had so much family input as we have since transitioning

Gabrielle Calingford Kindergarten

Our strongest point is our relationships with families and OWNA has managed to take this to its next level with daily communication and photo updates of their children. This has also increased our occupancy with word of mouth between families wanting a deeper relationship with their centre.

Eleni Roselands ELC
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CCS & Payments

Efficient, secure and FREE
CCS system

Educator Management

Improve efficiency and
quality in your team

Multi-Centre Management

Set your own standards across
your services

Attendance Kiosk

Feed sign-in/out data into
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