Signing in children is easy

PIN Code

Make sign-in easier than ever with a unique
PIN code for family members

Remote Sign-In

Sign in from anywhere, and have educators
confirm attendance (great for social distancing)

Notes & Messages

View important notices when signing children out
For parents
For educators
Signing into work shouldn't be a pain

Mobile & Tablet App

Sign in on your own device or in a central location
with a unique PIN code

Confirming Attendances

Check if children signed in remotely are actually
in attendance

Bulk Sign-In/Out

Save time checking children out (great for OSHC)
All the information at your fingertips


Save time by linking rosters & timesheets to payroll

Attendance Reports

See all the neccessary information when making
business decisions


Make sure you're reporting the correct sessions
by having your kiosk and CCSS in the same platform
For owners/directors
OWNA customers save around $2,700 per service
per year on their CCMS.

The app is so easy to use and everything is in the one place, from the sign in of the children and staff to all of the compliance, medications, allergies, sunscreen, logging of all meals, daily routines, sleeps, nappies, list of children, families, our daily curriculum, staff roster and that is just some of the features! OWNA have thought of everything!

Gabriele Callingford Kindergarten

I chose OWNA because of the all-in-one package that allows parents to sign in and out, as well as how easy it is to post learning stories, complete observations etc.

Alana Revermount Seedlings Kindergarten
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All relevant documentation for
assessment & rating


Stay connected with
your stakeholders

Educator Management

Improve efficiency and
quality in your team

Multi-Centre Management

Set your own standards across
your services

CCS & Payments

Efficient, secure and FREE
CCS system


Increase occupancy with
less effort