2024 Critical Reflection Journal
2024 Critical Reflection Journal Screenshot
2024 Critical Reflection Journal Screenshot
2024 Critical Reflection Journal Screenshot
Seller: The Educators Domain
Our Critical Reflection journal simplifies this process for all educators with prompts and tips along the way.

Purchase this now for only $22.95.


Product description


♥(NEW!) Weekly Deep Reflection question (NQS link)

♥(NEW!) An extra 100 questions to prompt self reflection each with NQS links

♥Exceeding theme 2- How is critical reflection shaping your practice? (prompts)

♥Includes all both designs (Reflections and Connections Cover (Indigenous art-Hogarths Art) and the Sunflower Cover

♥(NEW!) 2024 Events and Awareness Day Calendar

♥Quick Reference pages for NQF, EYLF, MTOP, QKLG, VEYLDF
♥ Quick Reference pages for Early Childhood Theorists
♥Specific questions to help educators reflect on that learning and happenings during the week
♥ Encourages educators to think about resources, spaces, and theorists over the week
♥Strengths and challenges
♥Group and individual learning
♥ Relationships with children and families
♥ Inclusion
♥Includes a section for important celebrations and happenings over the week
♥ Easy to use and understand to help all educators on the self-reflection journey.

Element 7.2.1Continuous improvement There is an effective self-assessment and quality
improvement process in place.
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