Exceeding Themes Centre Reflection Set
Exceeding Themes Centre Reflection Set Screenshot
Exceeding Themes Centre Reflection Set Screenshot
Exceeding Themes Centre Reflection Set Screenshot
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Exceeding National Quality Standard requires a service to go above and beyond what is expected at the Meeting National Quality Standard level for that Standard.

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Product description

The higher benchmark for quality that is expected at the Exceeding NQS rating level is described by three Exceeding themes. To determine if a service meets this benchmark, authorised officers ask questions of the evidence they have gathered for each Standard against the Exceeding themes.

To achieve a rating of Exceeding NQS for any Standard, the Exceeding themes need
to be demonstrated in service practice for that Standard:
1. Practice is embedded in service operations
2. Practice is informed by critical reflection
3. Practice is shaped by meaningful engagement with families and/or the

Our Exceeding themes reflection set includes questions for every standard to help you achieve exceeding in each of the standards.

This set includes Exceeding theme questions for all three themes in relation to every standard.
Reflect on what you are doing now and how you can improve- add this information to your Q.I.P
This set also includes an editable version if you would prefer to type directly into the document on your device.

This set will help you practise for your Assessment and Rating visit and prepare your team with practice questions to ask educators and be prepared for as management.

Exceeding themes for all 7 Areas.

Best practice is to have your service understanding and meeting all of the National Quality Standards at all times not just when you are coming up for Assessment and Rating.
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