Meet The Team
Hi! We are OWNA.

OWNA initially started when two parents wanted to see what their children were up to when they were at daycare. We made an app for educators to engage with families, and quickly found out about the many other issues directors face when running a centre.

After talking to lots of our clients and taking on board their suggestions, we feel like we finally have the most comprehensive all-in-one childcare management system in Australia, and we’re so happy with the progress we’ve made in our 5 yrs in business.

Our team prides itself on our customer service. We like to put a human touch to the software we provide, and this is vital to a sector like child care. If you’re a customer of OWNA, we’re sure you’ll be able to attest to our rapid response time and active approach to customer service.

If not, then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and we’ll call you back within 72hrs.

Who we help
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Team Members
  • Kheang Ly

    Kheang Ly

  • Phong Trac

    Phong Trac

  • Pauline Ly
    Office Manager

    Pauline Ly

  • Luke Edward
    National BDM

    Luke Edward

  • Chrissy Castles
    Account Manager

    Chrissy Castles

  • Peter Gavoyannis
    Onboarding Manager

    Peter Gavoyannis

  • Jack Ritchie
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Jack Ritchie

  • Mike Almario
    Graphic Designer

    Mike Almario

  • Danielle McNamara
    Customer Service Manager

    Danielle McNamara

  • Sarah Du
    Customer Service Representative

    Sarah Du

  • Jennifer Constable
    Customer Service Representative

    Jennifer Constable

  • Chris Masterton
    Customer Service Representative

    Chris Masterton

  • Sam Jones
    Customer Service Representative

    Sam Jones

  • Ami Sangani
    Junior Developer

    Ami Sangani